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American Gypsea Smudge Kits

These beautiful handmade smudge kits are perfect for gifting during this season. At American Gypsea they know how important your personal space is and the importance of living in your highest and best version of self! We know that cleansing your space will enhance your sacred space.

She Always Believed is supporting other women-owned business and bring amazing products to our collection that are created with love.

Follow the below instructions:

Say a mantra-

  • Take time to say a mantra or prayer, however you take the moment to reflect.
  • Smudging can also be done to yourself for cleansing negative energy.


Out the crystal in the window in which you are to sage

  • Light the candle +put it in the East
  • Light the sage until it simply smokes, you will use the shell to extinguish any flame if the sage burns.
  • Use the feather to spread the sage in all corners of the room + all areas you feel the need for peace.

Smudge Kit includes:

  • Abalone Shell: a gift from the ocean with beautiful colors that brings a peace presence.
  • Organic White Sage: Native American use sage to purify the environment from the negative energy.
  • Sweet Grass: when using sweet grass after smudging sage, it is believed that it brings in tranquility + peace.
  • Small Tea Light: face this candle to the East to signify new beginnings.
  • Crystal: brings good, uplifting energy in the room leave it in a window sill for continuous moon cleaning
  • Feather: it is said that it connects the divine spirit with Mother Earth when used for saging.