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Matrioska Frida Mini Bag

Purses with original illustrations, Frida Kahlo, in the form of a matrioska, the purses are printed in sublimation and on the reverse, has denim, , inside, the fabrics are made of cotton, with bright colors, flowers or of circles. The zipper has a pompon in either pink or black.

Painter Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist. Admired as a feminist icon.

It is printed under the technique of sublimation in a soft fabric, its filling is very soft, on the back side, it is denim fabric. This is sewn a machine, an exception in the bottom, which is sewn by hand.


  • Dimensions: 9 cm x 16 cm
  • Wash Cold
  • Handmade and sewn by hand on side opening


I had the need to create beautiful products, as a graphic designer and wanted to do things that could be touched, see, feel, that's how my brand was born. At the time I bought a sewing machine and started making bags and purses, over time I made illustrations which I put on cards, purses, cushions, cups, key rings, wooden boxes, glasses, etc. Although I like to work with my hands, I like to have a balance between the illustration and the work at hand.

It’s an honor to share my culture with you.


Made is Mexico