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Lala Cozy Loungewear Set

We are TOUCHED and INSPIRED every day by SUSANA’S JOURNEY. Not just her one with cancer but her FAITH, her LOVE for her daughter and her dedication to educate us about MENTAL HEALTH as well.  

Her STRENGTH and POSITIVITY through this all is everything we stand for. However we know it’s not easy and it’s not a journey anyone should take alone.

I created SHE ALWAYS BELIEVED with the intention of not just supporting other women but empowering with the message that together we are STRONGER.

Our INCREDIBLE community has UNITED to share her story and help raise funds for medical care. We have partnered with local women-owned business to bring you a collection of products that will INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and remind you that we are ONE.

With your help 100% of the proceeds of all our efforts will go directly to Susana.

She is not fighting this battle alone, we got her and all your support counts!

Whether she’s curling up in bed or on the couch, these cozy staples will let her relax in style. Make knit count. All we want is to look cute but be super comfortable at the same time. This set comes in a ribbed knit and features relaxed silhouette, crew neckline, and fitted sleeves. The matching pants feature a high-waisted, wide-leg silhouette and elasticized waist.

Details and Care:

  • Fabric: 100% Acrylic
  • Model Wears Medium
  • Machine Wash Cold


MILEY + MOLLY is a brand for the youth. MILEY is the free-spirited animal in all of us : she is the festival-going, night market-shopping and generally not having a care in the world type. MOLLY is us when we are feeling quiet and reserved. She still goes to church with her family and is a rule follower. I like to think that we all have a little bit of MILEY and MOLLY in all of us. Kinda like a mullet has two contrasting looks: business in the front, but party in the back, like yin and yang, like Sonny and Cher, like PB + J and etc. MILEY + MOLLY chases all of the hottest/latest trends while still incorporating some of Fashion's timeless prints/silhouettes. MILEY + MOLLY is the brand for the ages and we hope you enjoy our collections as much as we had fun creating them.