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Palo Santo Bundles

We are TOUCHED and INSPIRED every day by SUSANA’S JOURNEY. Not just her one with cancer but her FAITH, her LOVE for her daughter and her dedication to educate us about MENTAL HEALTH as well.  

Her STRENGTH and POSITIVITY through this all is everything we stand for. However we know it’s not easy and it’s not a journey anyone should take alone.

I created SHE ALWAYS BELIEVED with the intention of not just supporting other women but empowering with the message that together we are STRONGER.


BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED: Give that spiritual soul or meditation lover a gift they’ll cherish. Packed in a lovely package Palo Santo smudge bundles set is a recipe for heartfelt smiles.

Palo Santo:

  • 100% REAL PALO SANTO: Cleanse, relax and meditate with Santo Palo sticks that are perfectly authentic. Sourced from Peru, our natural Palo Santo sticks are an untainted extension of nature.
  • SOURCED WITH RESPECT: The cleansing energy of Palo Santo comes from trees that have finished their life cycle, not from wood cut on living trees. That’s why our holy wood Palo Santo is exclusively hand-picked from the ground.
  • Measurement - Approx. 4" per each Palo Santo Stick


  • 100% NATURAL: Pure natural planting of lavender, hand-picked by farmers, naturally dried, retaining the original beauty of the flowers.
  • ORIGINAL AROMA: No additives, retaining the original floral fragrance of lavender, smells very comfortable, can calm the mood.
  • LAVENDER VALUE: Sedative and hypnotic effects, balance oil secretion, can shrink the whole body skin, keep your skin fragrant, supply nutrition and relieve stress.

Rose Quartz:

  • Each Rose Quartz stone is irregular, unpolished and rough.
  • These Rose Quartz rough raw stones can be used in energy, tumbling, decoration, jewelry making. chakra balancing, reiki, or other metaphysical practices and more. Perfect gift for beginners or collect crystals.
  • Size: range from 1" to 2 ", average : 1.25" (Rose Quartz)
  • Wrapped with recycled white twine.
  • Hand wrapped | Made in United States of America

To advance women entrepreneurship. To support every woman to achieve their full potential; to encourage, support and empower. To listen and share the many untold stories that make these women incredible. She Always Believed is the girl that always trusted her dreams would become a reality.