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Sometimes We Fly. Sometimes We Fall. Sometimes We Learn Sweatshirt

Sometimes in life we fall. We make tons of mistakes, and guess what that’s all ok. We hit a bump in the road. This will happen, we can’t prevent this. What we can do is get back up, dust ourselves off and persevere. We must keep going, we must move forward. There’s no going backwards in life.


  • This sweatshirt is soft, comfy, and fits true to size.
  • If you desire to wear with leggings, we suggest one size larger, like the size of your favorite slouchy tee.
  • If you desire a more polished look, we suggest your tee size.
  • Made in United of America

Know Purpose

Know Purpose started in summer 2014 with a simple desire to share my story in hopes others would find freedom in their own, create and sell a tee, and give away some scholarships. That’s about it. Surprisingly, the tee and its message spread pretty quickly throughout my community, and eventually other communities. Six years later, I'm still here creating because of God's sweet goodness. I've since moved beyond the original design and expanded the team a bit, but our purpose for being here remains - creating meaningful things from the heart to the heart with the intention of planting seeds and giving back.

Brittany Founder-